With 80% of New Years’ resolutions failing, how do you make sure yours succeed?

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Growing up, my mom was all about laying good goal-setting foundations for me and my sister. This would apply to school, hobbies, purchases, chores — you name it. My mom was always there with a pen and paper to help us record our goals. She was a master at tying goals together, too (like if your goal is to learn French and be more social, why not join a French-speaking club?).

As an adult, I have always felt extremely fortunate for the goal-setting techniques I learned at a young age, and they’ve helped me accomplish more than pre-teen me could…

With these tips, you’ll sail through the low waste shop like a pro.

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Have you ever looked longingly inside a low waste shop and wondered how they work? Sure, the shop itself is aesthetically appealing with either a minimalist or reclaimed wood vibe going. You might even think the stores look old-timey. That in itself can be intimidating and leave you wondering: how did old-timey people do their shopping?

Luckily, I’ve figured out the hard stuff for you, so when you’re ready to take the plunge, you’ll be all set.

Broadly speaking, there are two phases of the process, just like anytime you go to the store: the preparation phases (not as intimidating…

Smelling decent is a pretty basic part of social interactions, and deodorant is one of our most effective tools in this endeavour.

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While we all want to smell good, mainstream deodorant we comes in single-use plastic and also contains a tonne of chemicals that aren’t great for us! Deodorant was my very first low waste swap when I started on my journey to live in an eco-conscious manner, and I’ve tried a few different methods since.

This is one of the areas where I will wholeheartedly recommend that people try for the Extreme swap first, as I personally think it’s the best!

A note on aluminium

Aluminium is an ingredient in many deodorants which acts as the ‘antiperspirant’ part. The way it works is that the…

Lotion is a must-have product to keep that dreaded feeling of skin tightness at bay. But, how do you make sure that your skin stays moisturised and healthy while also being low waste?

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The good news is, that this isn’t a very hard swap to make, as many self-care manufacturers have begun to embrace a green lifestyle, at least in advertising, and started to sell their lotions in glass or aluminium packaging.

There are many different types of lotions, and as always, I’d recommend you try a few different options to find the one that works best for you.

A Note on Microbeads

Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic that manufacturers make and put into beauty products. …

So.. you’ve scraped and scratched that last bit of toothpaste from the plastic tube and you can’t help thinking… there’s gotta be a better way. Good news, there is!

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No one really likes the tube that traditional toothpaste comes in. All the mushing and squeezing to try and get the paste out feels like a profound waste of time. So, if there is a way to avoid all the hassle while saving the planet, wouldn’t you want to?

This is one of the best low waste swaps I’ve made to date. I truly hated that agonising last week where I had to use both hands to squeeze the toothpaste out. Even then, I never felt like I’d succeeded without cutting the tube open and scraping it clean.

Nowadays, there…

You’re about to run out of shampoo and instead of buying your normal product, you want to see if you can have luscious locks without the plastic? I’ve got you.

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There are a surprising amount of feelings that people have about shampoo. Some people love it, some people hate it. Most people wonder why there is so much silicone in it. I recently discussed the fact that 80% of shampoo is made out of water, which begs the question: why are we paying for water? (Feel free to independently verify this by checking your shampoo bottle next time you’re in the shower.)

Either way, most people growing up in the Western world, will have learned to use shampoo from the drug store/salon, which almost always comes in a plastic container…

How to choose which low waste product will work best for you.

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As part of the upcoming series on low waste alternatives, I want to include a quick note on the type of suggestions and layout of the low-waste alternatives that will be provided.

I’ve come up with a simple categorisation method to help you understand what option might be most useful to you.

Regardless of the categories, please keep in mind that, just like plastic-wrapped products, not all low waste products are created equal. Cheaper products will still normally be of lesser quality, while more expensive products will typically be of a higher quality.


Each post will list at least three…

You need to understand these 6 things before you can implement any low waste lifestyle changes that will actually stick.

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Before you even think about making any changes to your current routine or researching low-waste alternatives, there are some basic ground rules that low-wasters everywhere live by. Low-Waste 101, if you will.

Some of the rules are just pointing out common sense for starting out on a lifestyle change, while others are a longer-term shift in mentality.

1. Use what you already have fully and completely.

A lot of the low-waste movement focuses on eliminating single-use plastics since it is more harmful to the environment than other materials and because recycling has a lower recycling potential. …

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Recycling has been touted for years as a one-stop fix to save the environment. But the world is rapidly beginning to realise that recycling is not enough and that we need to shift our mentalities and lifestyles if we want to truly live sustainably.

The Myth: “Recycling is Enough”

Growing up, my dad meticulously sorted all of our family’s trash. We had different places in the kitchen for general waste, compost, glass, paper, and aluminium. You name it, we had it.

He would make sure that they were all packaged according to the waste management facility in our neighbourhood and took great pride in smashing…

Going low waste is about changing the way we live so that we can preserve beautiful natural locations.

There are hundreds of thousands of self-help books, blogs, tips, pins, and posts out there these days that talk about the low-waste journey and the ‘best’ way to do it. Some of them are helpful. Others are…. less helpful.

The truth is, there is no ‘one way’ to go low-waste. It’s not a one-size-fits-all lifestyle that can be given as a cookie-cutter template to the masses.

Why not?

Besides the fact that there are very few things in this world that work for everyone, lifestyle changes are, by necessity, specific to each individual. Sure, you could group people into demographics…

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California born, Ireland based. All about learning and conscious travel. Low waste, vegan who can’t resist a bit of trivia.

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